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Harvest Homes4Heroes
Licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia

  Eric Fales, ABR, CDPE, CRS, GRI
  The Fales Group
  at refine Properties

  Office: 804-433-3828

   Licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia



Harvest Homes4Heroes

Serving the Greater Richmond area for the vital community services you provide us each and every day! As a home provider, we offer to help in the way we know best - to help you harvest the dream of home ownership.

Harvest Homes4Heroes understands that the recent news regarding home buying may have you questioning whether you should hold onto the dream to stop renting and own a home of your own! We believe otherwise. Through your dedicated service we feel you have earned the right to the opportunity of safe, affordable home ownership, and we want to assist you to make that happen. Call us at (804) 445-2929 to inquire today!

We offer an innovative program that combines affordable home buying solutions with the experienced services of a team of professional housing partners – within one comprehensive program. There’s no need to feel like you have to try to buy a home on your own. You can have the HH4H team with you every step of the way to simplify the process of buying a home, provide continual and accessible assistance to ensure you properly prepare and maximize the resources and financial assistance you can receive.

Plus, as a Hero, you are eligible to receive 20% of our Commission to go towards any/all of the following: Closing Costs, Home Warranty, Home Inspection. Just another way for us to say Thank You!

While our housing service providers assist you to prepare to buy a home, HH4H will locate, renovate and provide you safe, affordable, quality renovated home buying options to help make the dream come true!







Harvest Homes4Heroes
Associated with The Fales Group
(804) 445-2929
Contact Us

Supporting Home Ownership for our Community Service Heroes.

Harvest Homes4Heroes is a home provider whose primary business is to encourage and support home ownership for our Community Service Heroes: fire-fighters, police officers, teachers, nurses and our military personnel in the Greater Richmond area of Virginia.

We do this through our unique program that combines affordable HH4H home buying solutions for our “Heroes” with the experienced services of our professional housing Service Providers – within one comprehensive program.

Our program team of lenders, realtors, home service providers and renovation experts serves as a constant source of information and assistance to our CSH clients through each step of the home buying process. Through simplifying the process and improving the efficiencies, we aim to assist our clients to maximize their opportunity to stop renting and buy a home.

While our service providers prepare our "community service heroes" for home ownership, HH4H will locate, renovate and provide the safe, affordable, quality renovated homes for them to buy.


If you or someone you know could use our services, fill out the information below and we'll be in touch soon!

To:  Eric Fales


"Harvest Homes4Heroes gives everyone the chance to participate in the American Dream.
They are the perfect combination of business sensibility and community sensitivity."

Helen M. O'Beirne
Former Director, Center for Housing Leadership
Housing Opportunities Made Equal of Virginia, Inc.

We Make Homeownership Affordable


Harvest Homes4Heroes gives you a variety of ways to save on homeownership: 

  • Savings on home cost (many of our homes are priced between $120,000 and $199,000)
  • Help resolving credit issues
  • "Forgivable" loans that don't require repayment after a specified period
  • Discounts on mortgage rates or points
  • Down payment assistance
  • Reduced REALTOR®, pest inspection & home inspection fees
  • Limited to no closing costs
  • Free appraisal
  • Free home warranty


Ask your Harvest Homes4Heroes client coordinator about your eligibility for these options. For more ways to save, contact us here or call (804) 445-2929.

Our Mission Statement:
Safe, Affordable, Renovated Homes for those who Serve.


Harvest Homes4Heroes believes our Community Service Heroes should be recognized and rewarded for the vital services they provide to us within our communities. As a result, we want to enable those "Heroes" that desire to own a home, and are willing to put forth the effort, to "harvest the dream" of owning a home of their own. We want to challenge the stigma and preconceptions many our “Heroes” have about their inability to purchase a home.

HH4H was established to be a catalyst for change and assistance by making sure that this segment of our vital community workforce has the available support and access to resources and opportunity for affordable home ownership.

Our mission is based upon the understood premise that having a home, located in a safe and stable neighborhood, often affords benefits and opportunities not realized as an apartment dweller. Adjacency to good schools, health care, commercial and retail services and the activities a neighborhood provides has been repeatedly proven as factors in quality home life – especially for our children.

Harvest Homes4Heroes also supports the efforts of many non-profit organizations in their efforts to revitalize our existing neighborhoods in the Greater Richmond area. We also desire to invest in rebuilding and strengthening the stability of the neighborhoods we purchase in while providing safe, affordable, quality renovated homes for our Community Service Heroes. We strive to encourage our "heroes" to live within the communities in which they serve, wherever that may be.

Join The Team!

To make homeownership a reality for our Community Service Heroes, Harvest Homes4Heroes is building our team of support. Start giving back to heroes who serve you every day by contacting Harvest Homes4Heroes at (804) 445-2929 TODAY!



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Frequently Asked Questions



Who we are and what we do.

Q: Who is Harvest Homes4Heroes, LLC?

  • A: Harvest Homes4Heroes is a real estate investment & renovation company who recognizes the value and service that our Community Service Heroes provide us on a daily basis. Our primary mission is to reward their service by offering those Heroes that want to stop renting the assistance and opportunity to own a home of their own. We want to challenge the stigma and preconceptions many our “Heroes” have about their inability to purchase a home, and assist them to “harvest the dream of homeownership”.


Q: Who qualifies as a Community Service Hero?

  • A: Community Service Heroes include firefighters, police officers, teachers, health care workers and military personnel - every day heroes who provide vital community services to the public every day. If you are not sure whether you qualify, please contact Harvest Homes4Heroes click here, or call us at (804) 445-2929.


Q: How do you help the Community Service Heroes buy a home?

  • A: Simply put, we aim to make buying a home a less intimidating, less expensive and much more supported full service experience for our Heroes. We recognize that too often our Community Service Heroes income level and/or access to additional money for closing costs and down payment often places new construction out of reach at today's non-subprime rates. Many low to moderate income families can't afford the down payment and sizeable mortgage of new home construction. As a result, we focus much of our efforts in finding good, safe, affordable pre-owned homes, in good neighborhoods, that allows us to complete a thorough, quality renovation and still keep it affordable to our Community Service Heroes.

    We provide a variety of purchase options for safe, affordable, quality renovated homes in order to assist our Community Service Heroes to stop renting and own a home of their own. It is important to start building equity and savings in order to make that next step to a newer or larger home down the road. We provide options and assistance to get started.


Q: Harvest Homes4Heroes offers a "full service" home buying experience. What does that mean?

  • A: We offer a comprehensive home buying process that utilizes a network of Service Providers* who also believe in the service provided by our Heroes. We provide continual and connected team support throughout the process from the very first meeting with our intake coordinator to receiving the keys at closing to your newly purchased home. Every resource needed from financial counselors, realtors, lenders to home service experts have already dedicated their services and reduced their fees to assist our Heroes achieve homeownership. There's no need for our Heroes to spend the time and energy trying to find the right people to help them. We have already assembled your team!!

    We match our qualified Heroes with members of this supportive team of professionals in order to:
    • provide assistance and counseling step by step to simplify and streamline the home buying process
    • assist our Heroes to properly prepare to buy a home through certified education and counseling,
    • repair their credit if necessary,
    • benefit from out of pocket expense savings in reduced fees from our Service Providers*
    • seek financial down payment assistance and/or grant monies the Community Service Hero may have otherwise overlooked, and
    • access the Harvest Homes4Heroes inventory of safe, thoroughly & quality renovated homes that are reduced in price, with no closing costs, to provide an affordable alternative to the often costly, unaffordable new home construction.

      * Realtors, Lenders, Appraisal & Inspection professionals, Construction & Renovation professionals


Q: Does Harvest Homes4Heroes build new homes in addition to renovating homes?

  • A: Yes, we do. In those instances where our Community Service Hero client has been pre-approved and qualifies for a new construction priced home, and we agree on a location and can acquire the lot in which to build, we can build you your home. We share the same dedication for providing a safe, affordable, quality new built home as we do in our renovated homes. As a result, we go one step further!! We commit to "building green" and use EarthCraftTM certified and Energy StarTM rated Class A Contractors in order to deliver a much more energy efficient home that will provide healthier indoor air quality, lower utility bills, more durability, less maintenance and ultimately greater comfort for you, the homeowner!


Our Service Providers

Q: Who are your network Service Providers?

  • A: For a list of our Service Providers please click here.


Q: How do I realize savings from the network Service Providers?

  • A: Each prospective Service Provider is pre-screened to ensure they recognize and support rewarding the service of our Community Service Heroes, thus ensuring you receive the first-rate treatment our Heroes have earned and deserve. By agreeing to participate in the Harvest Homes4Heroes network, those Service Providers that charge a fee, have agreed to discount a portion of their fees to help make your purchase more affordable. It’s that simple.
    • On a Harvest Homes4Heroes home purchase, HH4H will pass these savings to you in the form of a discount off listing price and closing cost assistance vs. a rebate in the form of a check.


Q: What type of experience do your Realtors have in being able to assist me?

  • A: We have assembled a team of Real Estate professionals that specialize in helping buyers locate the resources they need to become homeowners. With over 20 years of experience in affordable housing, our Real Estate team has the expertise to help you and your buyer's agent navigate the process from start to finish. They will not only help you select a home that you can afford and meets your needs, but will also help you locate money for down payment and closing costs. Our team works with you every step of the way to get you to closing on your new home!


Financial Questions

Q: How much will I save?

  • A: Harvest Homes4Heroes and it's housing Service Providers have agreed to a variety of rebates and discounted fees in order to provide sales price reduction and closing cost assistance to our Community Service Hero buyer. Some of these savings are derived from, but not limited to:
    • discount on the rate or points when you work with one of our approved lenders
    • reduced HH4H realtor fees
    • free appraisal
    • free Home Warranty
    • Reduced pest inspection fee
    • Reduced home inspection fee
    • Reduced closing fee when using HH4H closing attorney
    • below appraisal pricing on the renovated HH4H home with limited to no closing costs**
      • **on FHA loans we will pay closing costs up to 6%
      • On a Harvest Homes4Heroes home purchase, you will receive your HH4H savings in the form of a discount off listing price and closing cost assistance vs. a rebate in the form of a check.
      • The total amount of savings will vary with each transaction, due to the final settlement price of your home. Check with your Harvest Homes4Heroes Realtor for a firmer estimate.


Q: Are the down payment assistance and/or grant monies in addition to the Service Provider discounts?

  • A: YES, if you qualify.


Q: How do I qualify for down payment assistance and/or grant monies?

  • A: While every grant is different, generally down payment assistance grants are available to first time homebuyers whose income does not exceed 80% of the workforce housing income for your area. There are exceptions, and your client intake coordinator will help you to identify what forms of assistance would be available for you.


Q: What price range do you generally price your homes after they have been renovated?

  • A: Generally, our homes are listed from $120,000 - $199,000.


Our Program

Q: How do I sign up?

  • A: That’s easy. Click here to be taken to the Contact Us form. Answer a few simple questions and a Harvest Homes4Heroes Service Provider will contact you within 48 hours. If you don’t hear from someone within that time frame, please contact Harvest Homes4Heroes at (804) 445-2929. By filling in this form does NOT obligate you to participate. It does, however, show us you are ready to “harvest the dream” of owning a home.


Q: Do I have to use All of your Housing Service Providers, e.g. Realtors and lenders, to enjoy the savings?

  • A: No you do not. However, most Harvest Homes4Heroes’ clients don’t want to miss out on any of the generous discounts provided by our Service Providers, so they choose to use our Service Providers every step of the way.


Q: What if I am already working with a Realtor?

  • A: If you have signed any legal agreements with a Realtor, unfortunately by law, you cannot work directly with our Harvest Homes4Heroes Realtors. However, that does not prevent you AND your Realtor to contact us. We wil be happy to work with both of you. If your agreement with your Realtor has expired, or is about to expire (see your contract for the expiration date) we would welcome you to contact us at that time. To have someone from Harvest Homes4Heroes contact you to better understand these options, click here.



Q: Are the Harvest Home4Heroes Realtors full service?

  • A: Absolutely! We offer full service at a discounted rate. In addition, many Realtors do not understand the Down Payment Assistance programs and/or the Grant Application process, or they find it too time consuming for the effort they are willing to expend for their clients. Thus, many Heroes miss out on additional financial assistance available to them. Our Realtors have 20+ years dedicated to understanding these programs and assure that no stone is left unturned to ensure the maximum assistance possible.


Q: It just sounds too good to be true. Why should I trust Harvest Homes4Heroes?

  • A: For us, Harvest Homes4Heroes is not a job, it is our passion. We want you to be our client for life so that is how you will be treated. Our reputation for doing what we say and rewarding our Heroes for their service, even in our small way, is our brand. We rely on every Hero we assist to tell their family and friends.


Selling a house to HH4H

Q: There is a vacant house on my block, should I contact Harvest Homes4Heroes?

  • A: Absolutely! We Buy Houses too! If the home fits our business model for a quality renovation that still allows for an “affordable” resale price, we can track down the owner and make them a cash offer. If we purchase the house, it will be thoroughly renovated and made available for sale to a Community Service Hero and their family. This improved property will help increase your property value and that of your neighbors!


Q: Do you pay a finders fee if I help you find property?

  • A: In some cases we will pay up to $1,000 for a referral. You will need to contact us directly to discuss the terms.


Q: Do you only buy houses?

  • A: Yes. We buy single family residences for the purpose of renovation and resale at an affordable price to our Community Service Heroes.


Q: How do you determine the amount of your offer?

  • A: Every homeowner's situation is unique. So is the process by which our home buying specialists determine what they are willing to offer for a home. The things they take into consideration include the age and condition of a home, costs of needed repairs, what other homes in the area are selling for and how long it is taking to sell those homes. Our mission always dictates that we thoroughly and safely renovate a home, improve and enhance the features of the home when possible and maintain an “after repair” selling price of $120,000 - $199,000. These and several other factors are used to determine if we can make an offer and what our fair offer would be.


Q: Do you buy houses that are severely run down and in need of repairs?

  • A: YES! We can buy a property in any condition, and we encourage the seller not to spend any time or money making repairs. Our contractors are experts in quality renovations and even if the home requires an upgrade of the electrical, plumbing and/or heating systems, a new roof, new floors or a full renovation to the kitchen and bath, we can handle it and much more.


Q: Where do you buy houses?

  • A: We buy houses in a majority of the greater Richmond metropolitan area – primarily, the City of Richmond and Henrico, Hanover & Chesterfield counties.


Q: Am I under any obligation if I fill out a form to have you review my house or you make an offer to purchase it?

  • A: No, there is absolutely no obligation. We will make you an offer quickly and you are free to either accept or reject it.


Q: Are there any fees involved?

  • A: We do not charge any fees to look at your home or make an offer to buy your house. We do have a purchase option whereby there are NO real estate commissions paid by you.


Q: Once I agree to sell my house to Harvest Homes4Heroes, how long does it take?

  • A: We can complete the transaction in as little as 3 weeks (subject to legal paperwork being in order).


Q: My house is presently listed for sale. Would you still buy my house?

  • A: Yes. If the price is right, it makes no difference whether it is listed or not.


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Eric Fales, ABR, CDPE, CRS, GRI
at refine Properties

Licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia
Richmond, Virginia

  Office: 804-433-3828

Also Associated With:
The Fales Group  |  HomeVestors of Richmond  |  Harvest Homes4Heroes


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